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Handling all your IT functions in-house? Here’s why it’s time to outsource

In running your business, there are so many aspects to consider: payroll, marketing, distribution, accounts and the actual systems that keep your business going from day to day.

But while all of these functions are relatively easily managed in-house, there are distinct advantages to farming out critical business disciplines, like your technology needs.

IT is a prime candidate for outsourcing not only because the inherent landscape of this sector is constantly evolving, necessitating an active frontline approach that keeps ahead of industry innovations, but because of the tangible benefits it offers business owners.

These include:

  • Increased productivity: IT systems aren’t perfect, and when they play up or go down, productivity takes a beating. In-house SMME IT resources often aren’t up to the task, costing you further in lost work time and external remedial action. A professional offsite team can quickly and responsively identify and correct problems as they arise.
  • Reduced operating costs: Because competent IT skills are in demand, they don’t come cheap. Hiring IT staff that are up to the job can take a huge bite out of your operations budget. Outsourcing firms carry these overheads themselves, passing savings onto customers in the form of affordable, customisable IT solutions. This reduces operating costs and frees up valuable company resources.
  • Access to high-calibre technical skills: Business budgets usually only extend to include basic IT capabilities, but this can be self-limiting. More adept technical skills enable your business to grow. But as it does, so it requires even great technological proficiency. Professional outsourced skills can support your business at every stage of its lifecycle, providing the exact systems your business needs at these points to thrive.
  • The opportunity to focus on your core business: Business owners have a lot of important considerations on their plate, but operational challenges that fall outside their scope of expertise shouldn’t be one of them. Outsourcing a critical business function like IT allows you to maintain your focus on what you do best: run your business.