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Boosting mid-market companies through technology

Unified communications is the foundation of any successful business in today’s digital, always-on economy. To date, that crucial building block has been elusive for the mid-market-but that’s all set to change.

Large enterprise has many advantages over its smaller competitors in the mid-market, an important one of which is access to reliable communication platforms that maximise productivity and customer engagement.

“An inability to leverage modern communications platforms to the full is one of the biggest barriers to growth for midmarket companies,” says Yves Kanda, Product Specialist at Neotel. “With Neotel’s NeoUnify, we are able to help midmarket companies become better at reaping the benefits of technology.”

Kanda explains how NeoUnify was created to address key challenges faced by mid-market companies: access to specialist skills, the capital to buy equipment and the cash to maintain it.

“NeoUnify has been especially crafted to mitigate these challenges by allowing companies to buy unified communications as a service. This means companies can access the specialist skills and business know-how of Neotel to scope the right solution, and then to buy it per user,” says Kanda.

The 'as a service’ model effectively derisks the solution: Neotel is responsible for the technology investments and support, while the shared infrastructure delivers real economies of scale. In addition, the challenges around capital and operating expenses dissolve and are replaced by a single monthly payment. In addition, reliability is guaranteed because the infrastructure is hosted by Neotel, with replication to tier 3 datacentres in different provinces.

“We can failover from one datacentre to another mid-call and you wouldn’t even know it,” says Kanda’s colleague, Esso Ndlovu, a Product Specialist. “NeoUnify also allows our customers to leverage the power of Neotel’s core fibre network, along with a range of value-adds, essentially creating the next generation of unified communications.”

Building on the strength and footprint of the Neotel network, NeoUnify offers mid-market companies cloud-based IP telephony, including conferencing, presence, mobility and a full spectrum of call centre services. The latter makes it possible to set up a call centre on the fly, and would include the necessary business process framework to run the centre—one that can be integrated into any of the customers’ back-office programs, including ERP and customer relationship management systems.

Introducing fully converged future-proof fibre access

To make this adoption simpler for prospective customers, Neotel is introducing a Mid-Market Bundle which includes fully converged future proof-fibre access with speeds scalable up to 1 Gbps, dedicated, uncapped, unshaped internet at the head office, find me/follow me and NeoUnify services for 31 users, which can also be increased. Neotel’s offering also includes cost effective branch to branch connectivity and teleworker solutions.

Unified communications is better for business

Neotel believes in creating unified rather than prioprietory communications and as such, NeoUnify is interoperable and not just ‘standards-based’. “Unified communications allows all company employees to access sophisticated communication solutions which are both fast and powerful. It essentially brings all communication mediums into one integrated system, thereby ensuring a collaborative, seamless and efficient experience,” says Kanda.

Saving money, increasing productivity

Neotel figures suggest that a unified communications platform increases productivity equal to 23 additional employees for a company with up to 100 users. “It is also more cost effective when compared to the customer’s current spend,” says Kanda. “A strong, competitive mid-market economy is critical, not only because of the contributions they make to overall economic growth and job creation but also because it propels the rise of small business into the mid-tier category. NeoUnify levels the playing field between large enterprise and mid-market companies by introducing cost effective productivity efficiencies that allow them to compete with the largest blue chip companies in South Africa,” concludes Kanda.

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